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LATN 350: Seminar in Latin Literature: The (Mostly) Latin Epigram (HC)

Latin 350: Seminar in Latin Literature: The (Mostly) Latin Epigram (Mulligan) Spring 2022

Roman Fresco

Roman banquet scene with a young man and hetaera, Herculaneum, 50-79 CE, National Archaeological Museum of Naples, 

Inv. 9024 (Source:  Wikimedia Commons, Public domain)

Finding Criticism in Journals

Journal articles and other periodical publications provide scholarly information on specific aspects of classical literature and history.  Since articles are generally published on a shorter schedule than books, they can be more-up-to-date.  The following indexes are the best ways for you to identify journal articles.

Finding Criticism in Books

Use the Tripod catalog for your home institution  Connect from Bryn Mawr College   Icon  Icon  to look for all books (print and digital) owned by your college as well as the print titles at the other two schools.  

The following searches are a sampling of possibilities.  To find materials on a topic, try doing a keyword search in the Tripod Catalog to find relevant materials and then use the subject headings assigned to those titles to find more books.  Note that all these searches are in the Books+Media channel.  In examples #1 and 4 below, using keywords (rather than subjects) will pick up results from chapter titles.

       epigrams AND (martial OR catullus OR hellenistic) AND history  [Keyword search]   Connect from Bryn Mawr College   Icon  Icon

       martial AND "history and criticism" [Subjects] NOT "martial arts" [Keyword]   Connect from Bryn Mawr College  Icon  Icon   

       "literature and society" AND rome [Subjects]   Newest titles first  Connect from Bryn Mawr College  Icon  Icon

       reception AND (epigram* OR martial) NOT ("martial arts") [Keywords]  Connect from Bryn Mawr College  Icon  Icon

   **  Try opening a search above and replace one of the topics with your research interest.