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WRPR 116: Black Philadelphia (HC)

Writing Program 116 001 and 002: Black Philadelphia (Ebram) Spring 2022

Finding Journal Articles

Example relevant articles:

Using the Library Catalog (Tripod)

If you are learning and researching remotely, there are still many books and articles available electronically! You can use search filters in Tripod to search only for books available in a digital format, for example.


Accessing Resources while off Campus

1) Accessing the Libraries' Digital Resources when off campus
If you start at this course research guide or the Tripod library catalog, you will be prompted to sign in and authenticate through the Off-campus Access page (Option A below) when you click on an online resource link .
If you plan to work in-depth on a research paper when you are off campus, use VPN software (Option B).  Once you authenticate, you can then connect to resources (including your campus subscriptions) on the open Web as well as use URLS you have already saved or those sent by faculty and librarians.  

   A) Off-campus Access through Tripod
Use your email user name  and password to log on.  You will need to navigate through Tripod, rather than typing URLs in the search box for your entire session.  The proxy prefix has to remain in your URL in order to access digital materials to which your library subscribes.

   B) Download VPN software from Campus IT Services
When you log into VPN with your email user name (do not add @ brynmawr or and password, all the subscriptions in Tripod will work even when you go through the Web rather than Tripod.  It is simpler to do in-depth research with VPN rather than the library proxy. 
2.  Borrowing Material that is not in Tripod and Remote Users' Requests for Digital Copies

Haverford on campus users can request materials using the Borrow beyond Trico page :          

HC remote users can request materials using these links below:

          Articles or Book Chapters

          Books or DVDs

They will also find these request links on the Support during COVID-19 page

All HC users can request articles and books using the Database links through the  button

Example Relevant Books