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ANTH 450: Senior Seminar (HC)

Anthropology 450: Senior Thesis Seminar (Noonan-Ngwane) Fall 2020

Finding and Working with your Literature

Most of the links on this page are resources (such as databases and catalogs) for finding your literature. You are also likely going to be writing a literature review of your own. Assistant Professor Raul Pachego-Vega writes an amazing blog of writing resources for students, and the section on writing a literature review is especially helpful. Please also see the quick guide I (Brie) created below.

Literature Reviews

Starting Points

These databases are good starting points for finding journal articles.

  • The first two survey anthropology scholarship in depth.
  • The third covers all subject areas and is especially good for a first look at cross-disciplinary studies.

Book Reviews

The Anthropology Review Database (ARD) is an excellent place to look for anthropology books on particular topics. The reviews posted provide both descriptive and evaluative information which will help you decide which books will be most helpful. You can choose to browse or search by using keywords (such as "gender" or Hawaii") or author names, for example.

Dissertations and Theses

Doctoral students go through an exhaustive literature search when writing their dissertations. They also tend to work on new questions, sometimes ones that have received very little attention from scholars before. You can obtain these dissertations and benefit from all the bibliographic treasues and new ideas. 

Anthropological Theory Online