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HIST 111: Introduction to Western Civilization (HC)

History 111: Introduction to Western Civilization (Graham) Fall 2015

Visitng Special Collections


On Tuesday, November 24, 2015, class will meet in Magill Library's Philips Wing for hands-on experience with the kinds of early printed books discussed in class. The titles listed on this guide will be available for you to explore with the assistance of librarians. We'll go over any special handling required of these materials, and you can explore the rich selection at your own pace.

To start things off, there will be a short presentation about two medieval manuscripts, the psalter in this picture and a decorated Bible, which will set the stage for the transition to print. 

Please come with questions about the history and structure of books and manuscripts, the transmission of texts, types of readers and categories of literature, or any other questions you may have. Please bring paper and pencil (no pens) and clean hands, so that you can work closely with the original resources and supporting secondary literature.