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RELG 203: Hebrew Bible and its Interpretations

Religion 203: Hebrew Bible and Its Interpretations (Koltun-Fromm) Fall 2018


This guide is for students attending Religion 203: Hebrew Bible and its Interpretations. It is meant to be a resource to help students with their research projects and also to introduce students to a wide variety of resources on this topic. 

Where are all the books?

Where are all the books located? 

The books that were housed in Magill were moved to a huge warehouse; approximately 22,000 volumes are available in the Locker Building. 

  • If you request books from the Warehouse, Bryn Mawr, Swarthmore, or EZ Borrow/ILL, pick up is in the Science Library. Drop off location is in the Science Library, Founders, and the Music Library. 
  • If you see a book is located in Locker, you need to go to the Locker building and find it yourself. Checkout is through a self-check out kiosk. Locker is open 24/7 with One card access.
  • New books (published 2017-2018) that were added to the collection are in the Science Library. 


Browsing ONLINE while the Library is being rebuilt

Let's say you find a book on Tripod  Connect from Bryn Mawr College      Icon     Icon  and you really think it is relevant to your interests or research project. One way to physically browse books on Haverford's campus is to head to the Locker Building (near VCAM) which has approximately 22,000 volumes for you to browse and a self-check out kiosk if you find materials you want to check out. 

But if you want to digitally browse, you can do that too. Take the call number of the book you liked (copy paste it from the online record). Head back to Tripod. Click on the Books and More tab. Underneath the search box is a link "Browse". At the bottom of the page there is a drop down menu, select "By Call Number." Paste the call number from the book you liked into the field. Hit enter or click "search." This will provide you with a massive list of the books at all three schools and you can browse the shelves digitally! 

Encyclopedias and Handbooks

A good place to start is with an encyclopedia or a handbook because these are written by specialists in the field, they are short entries, and they usually provide a recommended reading list.