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POLS 063: African Politics (SC)

Political Science 063: African Politics (Paddon-Rhoads) Fall 2017

This guide highlights research tools and strategies for POLS 063. You'll find recommendations for journal article databases, news and social media research, finding scholarly books, and more.

--> Getting Started

Research Advice

You can talk with a librarian about your research interests and get advice on finding good sources.

Sarah Elichko (Social Sciences Librarian)

• Office hours: Tuesdays, 11-1 + Wednesdays, 1-3
  -- Held at the Research & Info Desk in McCabe
• Schedule an appointment online

Other Ways to Get Research Advice

Research & Info Desk Schedule (RIAs and librarians)
RIAs (peer research assistants)
Chat with a RIA or librarian

Slides from Class (09/21/17)