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POLS 063: African Politics (SC)

Political Science 063: African Politics (Paddon-Rhoads) Fall 2021

Finding Good Sources

- Use scholarly research tools - Sites like Tripod and JSTOR make it easier to find academic sources.

- Choose your keywords carefully - What words would you find in the books/articles you want to read?

- Mind your syntax - How you arrange search terms influences your results

- Combine searching and filtering - Use keywords to get a list of results, then use filters to narrow.

Search Tips

How Search Syntax Works

- Use these tips when searching Tripod, JSTOR, Google Scholar, or other scholarly research tools.

   When you search for:  agriculture AND brazil AND china

   What you'll get:  Articles that mention all 3 words (agriculture, Brazil, China).





   When you search for:  agriculture AND (brazil OR china)

   What you'll get:  Articles mentioning agriculture and Brazil or China.