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POLS 161: Global Political Economy: Race, Labor, Power (HC)

POLS 161: Global Political Economy: Race, Labor, Powern (Borowiak) Spring 2023

Subject Guide

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Margaret Schaus

Cities: Paris


Demonstration in honor of George Floyd, Paris, June 2020,  Album from the Parti socialiste (Source: flickr, Creative Commons 2.0)


This guide focuses on the topics in your course and outlines research strategies and resources for your final project.  Use the searches and linked examples as jumping off points for exploration.

The Background page will help in developing your research questions and understanding the broader context in which your chosen city functions.  Books and Journal Articles will give you scholarly material for political and social analyses.  Further sources are available under Reports and Organizations and Data.  Accessing Resources, Search Tips and Citations explain library services and research processes.