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PHIL 399: Senior Seminar (HC)

Philosophy 399: Senior Seminar (HC) (Macbeth, Mali Mason and Yurdin) Fall 2023


This guide is meant to aid Philosophy students with their primary research needs for the Senior Theses. If a student is considering a topic but does not know where to begin, or how to develop that topic, this guide is designed to help. Once a student has chosen a topic, and is confident that there are enough materials for a thesis, they may continue to use this resource for further guidance. 

Getting Started

Browsing for Books

Let's say you find a book on Tripod   Connect from Bryn Mawr College  Icon  Icon  and you really think it is relevant to your interests or research project. One way to physically browse books on Haverford's campus is to head to Level 0 and find the book on the shelves. Academic libraries place all books with the same subject matter in the same area, so chances are high that you will find something relevant near the book you are looking for. 

But if you want to digitally browse print copies in the Tri-Colleges, you can do that too. The Tripod record of the book in question includes a "Virtual Browse" section at the bottom of the record. This will provide you with a massive list of the print books at all three schools and you can browse the shelves digitally.

Ebooks are searchable by author, title, subject and keyword in Haverford's Tripod catalog.  Ebooks owned only by BMC or by Swarthmore appear in their version of the Tripod catalog.  They are not included in Haverford's catalog nor is there a browse list for them.