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PEAC 077: Gun Violence Prevention (SC): Tips: Advanced Google Searching

Peace & Conflict Studies 077: Peace Studies and Action - Gun Violence Prevention - Smithey (Spring 2023)

Google Search Tips

1. Use double quotes to search for exact phrases:
Enclose exact phrases in double quotes "like this" to emphasize search results containing that phrase.


2. Create your own search engine for a particular website using Google:
To search within a particular website, add the following "site:" statement to your search results.

aids medication coca cola

3. Eliminate commonly associated search terms:
You can exclude search results that include certain words.  This might be useful if you're researching a less well-known case in a country with a more prominent protest or movement.  For example:

iran boycott -oscars -oil

4. Emphasize certain search terms:
Use the + sign to bring search results containing certain terms towards the top of your Google results. For example:

dakar demonstration 2001 +women

5. Find recently updated websites: