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PEAC 77: Special Topics: Peace Studies and Action

Peace 77: Special Topics: Peace Studies and Action - Smithey (Spring 2014)

How to Download County-Level Homicide Data from the PA Uniform Crime Reporting System

You can use the Pennsylvania Uniform Crime Reporting System to find incident-level crime data. (UCRS documentation and support page)

Step-by-step guide to downloading incident-level homocide data:

1. From the UCRS homepage, click Reports.

2. Select Query.

3. Select Homicide Information.

4. Select the geographic level you need, then click Store Selection.

5. Starting from the incident tab, click Add Item for each variable you need. Go through each tab to add variables to your query.

6. On the View Query page, check all of the boxes in the Display column.

7. Click on the Results tab to view the data. To export the data, copy and paste the table into a spreadsheet.