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Using NVivo for Qualitative Data Analysis

NVivo helps you organize, analyze and visualize mixed media and unstructured information by providing tools for classifying, sorting and arranging your data in ways that enable the identification of themes and patterns.

Basic Tour: What is NVivo?

Short video giving the most basic tour of NVivo's features. NVivo 11 Pro is the version on Bryn Mawr public computers:

NVivo Documentation

NVivo can help you analyze your qualitative data by allowing you to easily code, sort, and visualize it in ways that allow you to see and understand emerging patterns. NVivo 11 Pro software is available on public computers at Bryn Mawr College.

Video Tutorials

The makers of NVivo have created a rich library of video documentation on all aspects (and all versions) of the software. To view some of this content, you must create a free NVivo website account.