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MUSC 048: Lessons for Credit (SC)

Music 048: Lessons for Credit (SC)

As you think about your research...

Please review the Music 48 Research Guidelines outlined by the Music Department.

The purpose of this paper is to inform and enhance your performance by a deeper understanding of the work. Here are some questions to consider and avenues to explore as you begin:

The Composer
When did the composer live? What earlier or contemporaneous composers may have influenced the composition of this work? Have ideas about performance practice changed since this work was composed, and, if so, how has your awareness of these changes influenced your interpretation?

The Work
What questions guided you in your study of the score? Are there different editions? Which one seems to represent most faithfully what the composer wrote? Have conventions of notation changed since the composer's era? Are there any notational idiosyncrasies or foreign language terms in the score that you found difficult to understand?

  • What performance practice issues have you encountered?
    • instrumentation
    • style
    • articulation
    • phrasing
    • tempo
  • Does the form of the piece fall into a common generic/formal category (e.g., sonata, rondo, a dance form, ternary [ABA] form, etc.)? If it does not, can you make sense of it in your own terms?
  • What is the meaning of the text? How has a deeper understanding of the text contributed to your interpretation of the work?