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Newspapers & Magazines at Swarthmore (SC)

Highlights some popular magazines and newspapers available at Swarthmore, and explains how to read your favorites from your computer or mobile device

Wall Street Journal

Swarthmore users can access the Wall Street Journal online through the Libraries.


Setting up your account:

  1. Go to WSJ Partners Program site. Login to your Swarthmore account.
    Duo authentication may be required.
    You'll receive an email confirmation. (Subject: "The Wall Street Journal Order Confirmation")
  2. Go to the Wall Street Journal site
  3. Create a new WSJ account with your Swarthmore email address.
    You'll receive another email. (subject: "Welcome to Your WSJ Membership")
  4. The first time you login to, you'll need to confirm your email address.
    You'll get one last email: "Please verify your email address for WSJ."

Accessing WSJ once you have an account:

  • Access Wall Street Journal directly via
  • Sign into using your Swarthmore-linked WSJ account.
    • Works on the mobile app as well

Refresh your access:

  • Once a year, you'll receive an email from WSJ asking you to login to your account and "Refresh your access," i.e. confirm you're still affiliated with Swarthmore.
  • To refresh your access, follow the link in your email. Confusingly, the link will take you to a "Create Account" page. Choose Sign In instead.

screenshot wsj refresh account sign-in page