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POLS 131: Introduction to Comparative Politics (HC)

Political Science 131: Introduction to Comparative Politics (Wing) Spring 2022

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Margaret Schaus

Protest in France


Jeanne Menjoulet, Protesting against racism and increased police surveillance, Paris, November 2020 (Source: flickr, Creative Commons 2.0 ).


This guide provides resources for finding scholarship about politics, government and social issues around the world.  There is a special focus on France, India and Nigeria as the countries of particular interest in your class.  

Note the titles that are marked with +++.  These are resources that are especially rich in providing authoritative information and analysis.

Accessing Resources

You have access to many scholarly resources. Through Tripod  Icon   Icon     you can find material available from your campus libraries as well as resources in print from the other two colleges.  You don't need to limit yourself to material in the TriColleges. You can get digital copies of journal articles, as well as books and other resources through the Interlibrary Loan services at your library.
WorldCat  Icon   Icon      is a good place to look for additional books, reports, online resources and other materials (but not journal articles) cataloged by libraries globally.  Use the  button to request items in WorldCat.
1.  Requesting Resources from TriCollege Libraries

For BMC and HC users, log into Tripod (upper right corner) to access the "Request"  button that will have titles delivered within the Trico.  They will usually usually arrive in one or two days. 

If a book is currently checked out, request it through EZ Borrow (see below) rather than recalling it from its current user.  You will get it faster that way.

2.  Requesting Resources that are not Available in Tripod

Bryn Mawr users can request scans of book chapters, journal articles, or books through Iliad.  They can get books through EZ Borrow using the Borrowing beyond TriCo page   

Haverford users can request materials using the Borrowing beyond Trico page.  There are no charges for requests nor are there limits on the number of items you can submit.  Articles, book chapters and other digital material will be sent to your email address.  You will be notified when print copies and other material are ready for you to come and check out. 

     Use EZ Borrow to request books from regional libraries including Penn and NYU.  They will often arrive in 3 to 4 days.

     Use Interlibrary Loan for books not in EZ Borrow as well as dissertations, videos, and other materials.

     Use Articles for journal articles and single chapters from books.      

All BMC and HC users can request articles and books using the  button in database records and in WorldCat.


3) Accessing the Libraries' Digital Resources when Off Campus
If you start at this course research guide or the Tripod library catalog for Haverford or for Bryn Mawr, you will be prompted to sign in and authenticate through the Off-campus Access page (Option A below) when you click on an online resource link .
Haverford users, If you plan to work in-depth on a research paper when you are off campus, use VPN software (Option B).  Once you authenticate, you can then connect to resources (with Haverford subscriptions) on the open Web as well as use URLS you have already saved or those sent by faculty and librarians.  

   A) Off-campus Access through Tripod
                               Bryn Mawr
Use your email user name (no or and password to log on.  You will need to navigate through Tripod, rather than typing URLs in the search box for your entire session.  The proxy prefix has to remain in your URL in order to access digital materials to which BMC or Haverford subscribe.


 B) Download VPN software from Campus IT Services
When you log into VPN with your email user name (do not add @ and password, all the subscriptions in Tripod will work even when you go through the Web rather than Tripod.  It is simpler to do in-depth research with VPN rather than the library proxy.