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HIST 354: Discipline and Pleasure in the Early Modern City (HC)

History 354: Discipline and Pleasure in the Early Modern City (Graham) Spring 2020

Source Collections in Tripod

Some online collections are available through Tripod. See the History Primary Sources Page for a full listing.

Major 19th C. Magazine Collections

Sources in Modern Editions

Those that have been edited, reprinted in facsimiles, or transferred to microfilm can be borrowed through E Z Borrow or interlibrary loan if they are not in Tripod.  Many of them will be listed in WorldCat under subject terms which include such words as "sources," "letters," "diaries," or "personal narratives."  For example, the search  china history sources   produces results including:

An Anthology of Nineteenth-Century American Science Writing.  Edited by C. R. Resetarits. Connect from Bryn Mawr College  Icon  Icon

This collection of primary source documents presents the work of 19th century scientists- all men.  In the preface the author includes a paragraph  titled "Women and Science" to acknowledge the "limits of this anthology" and point readers toward Rossiter's and Baym's work.


Important source collections available open access on the Web