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EALC 256: Zen Thought, Zen Culture, Zen History (HC/BMC)

EALC 256: Zen Thought, Zen Culture, Zen History (Glassman) Fall 2017

Required books for class

The following books are required for your class, and most are on reserve or available as an e-book. If you click on the Tripod record, you can see what other books share the same subjects as the books on this list and expand your research in one direction. 

Relevant Books on East Asian Buddhism

General books on Buddhism in east Asia can be a good place to begin research as it will provide more detailed information than an encyclopedia entry, but will not spend too much time on one topic. Use these texts and monographs like them to discover themes related to your topic. 

Relevant Books on Pure Land Buddhism

The following books are good examples of recently published books specifically about Zen Buddhism.