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COML 200: Introduction to Comparative Literature (HC)

Comparative Literature 200 (Robert Germany) Fall 2016

Best Bets: Modern Literature and Classics

The MLA International Bibliography is the most comprehensive database in modern literary studies.

Année Philologique is a great resource for scholarship in classical studies:

Multidisciplinary Sources



Tips for Searching in Scholarly Databases

For the MLA International Bibliography, the best strategy for finding information is to use the "subject fields"—particularly those for "Author's Work" (if you are researching a particular title) and "Subject."  Then browse the results (if a manageable number) or refine using keywords or filters.

For other databases, consider these questions before conducting your search:

  • How your argument might be broken down into keywords or phrases.
  • Compile a list of synonyms for those keywords.  What other terms might scholars use to talk about your topic, and how do these terms reflect the type of argument scholars are making?  (E.g., trauma vs. memory)
  • Consider which intersections among your keywords will be useful for searching
  • Identify disciplines that are relevant to your research question.  Also consider the ways in which your question might reside outside traditional disciplines or cut across them.

See the Search Tips tab for additional information about searching Tripod Articles and other databases.

Begin your search with the relevant subject-specific or multidisciplinary databases (listed above and below, respectively).  To identify subject-specific databases not listed here, use Research Guides.

Once you have found relevant resources, use the "Find It" button to get full-text copies the articles.

A separate window will open with links to a digital copy of the article, a locally available print copy, or an Article Delivery request form for ordering material not held by the Tri-College libraries. To request items not held locally, simply enter your name and barcode and submit the request.