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Citing Your Sources - Print Guides:

There is no one accepted format for citing sources in Engineering. Ask your professor if s/he has a preferred method of citing and creating a bibliography.

Citing Your Sources - Online Guides:

Here are some websites which provide good information on creating Engineering bibliographies, formatting citations, etc.

Citation Examples using IEEE Format:

In-text CitationsIEEE citation format simply puts the NUMBER of the corresponding citation from the bibliography within the text. The bibliography is arranged either ALPHABETICALLY BY AUTHOR'S NAME, or NUMERICALLY (as the citations fall within the article), with numbers in brackets [1].

William J. Palm III, Introduction to MATLAB for Engineers. New York, NY: McGraw Hill, 2011, pp. 18-26.

Book Chapter
Y. Haik, " Carbon Capture Technology" in Green Technology: An A-to-Z Guide, D. Mulvaney, Ed. Los Angeles: Sage, 2011, pp. 79-81.

Journal Article
E. Cheever and Y. Li, "A tool for construction of bode diagrams from piecewise linear asymptotic approximations," International Journal of Engineering Education, vol. 21, pp. 335-340, 2005.

F.A. Orthlieb, A Houser et. al., "Low-Power Home Heating or Cooling System," U.S. patent 6,708,083, March 16, 2004.

Paper Presented at a Conference
M. Zucker, N. Chan et. al., "Improved Motion Planning Speed and Safety Using Regions of Inevitable Collision," presented at the 17th CISM-IFToMM Symposium on Robot Design, Dynamics and Control, July 2008.

Note: Use et al. when three or more authors' names are given.

IEEE Standard for Environmental Assessment of Televisions, IEEE Standard 1680.3, 2012.

T. Moreshet, "Power and Energy-Aware Architectural Techniques for High-Performance Uniprocessor and Multiprocessor Systems." PhD. dissertation. Dept. Computer Engineering, Brown University, 2006.

What is Biochar? (2012)  [Online]Available:

Note: If you have to break a URL so that it fits properly on a line, do so after a slash. Don't use extra spaces or use hyphens.