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GREK 202: Advanced Greek: Tragedy (HC)

Greek 202: Advanced Greek: Tragedy (Roberts) Spring 2018


To find a text in Greek, search in Tripod, the tri-college library catalog.

You can search by:

  • Author, or by
  • Title

       I.  Standard Editions

        There are also several series which produce editions of Greek and Latin texts, in some cases aiming for comprehensive  coverage of all surviving works.  The four series below are among the most commonly used.

1)  Loeb Classical Library

A series of Greek and Latin texts with facing page English translations.  Now published by Harvard University Press but started in 1912 by the publisher William Heinemann.  The critical apparatus is minimal at best and should be supplemented by a more scholarly edition.  The Loeb Classical Library is available both in an online version and in print volumes.

  • Greek Loeb Volumes PA3611-PA3612 in green bindings  (Other copies shelved with individual authors.)
  •  Latin Loeb Volume PA6156 in red bindings  (Other copies shelved with individual authors.) 
  • Digital Loeb Classical Library (all 530+ volumes are available online) 
2) Cambridge green and yellow series - Search: "Cambridge Greek and Latin Classics"
A series of Ancient Greek and Latin texts with commentaries that address literary issues as well as grammatical ones.  There are 113 records in Tripod.
3) Oxford Classical Texts - Search: Scriptorum classicorum bibliotheca Oxoniensis
A series of Ancient Greek and Latin texts with critical notes. In recent years introductions appear in English; earlier introductions were in Latin.  There are 327 records in Tripod 

Also a series of Ancient Greek and Latin texts with critical notes.  Teubner has been publishing longer than Oxford and has the greatest number of texts available in modern editions with extensive notes.  There are 1578 records in Tripod including selected digital copies. 

Texts and Concordances


Tripod often lists a translation under the author's name + translations into _____:   


The Oxford Bibliography Online essays on Aeschylus and Sophocles recommend a number of translations including the ones below.  For more titles, see the essays in OBO: Aeschylus- English Translations and Sophocles- Recent English Translations. Those done by Fagles and Lattimore are verse translations.  Murray's translations in the Loeb series are prose versions and can be relied on for literal accuracy:

Aeschylus. 2009. The Complete Aeschylus. Vol. 2: Persians and Other Plays. Translated by Peter Burian and Alan Shapiro.  Oxford University Press.  Includes Prometheus Unbound.  "Emphasizes a sense of poetry and rhythm." -  OBO

Aeschylus. 1991. Aeschylus II: The Suppliant Maidens and The Persians, Seven against Thebes and Prometheus Bound. Translated by Seth Bernadete, David Grene and Richard Alexander Lattimore.  University of Chicago Press.  "Widely acclaimed and successful translations. Students may want to use in conjunction with James C. Hogan’s A Commentary on the Complete Greek Tragedies: Aeschylus (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1984), which is keyed to this translation." - OBO

Sophocles. 2003. Philoktetes.  Translation with introduction, notes and interpretive essay. Translated by Seth L. Schein. Focus Classical Library. Focus.  "A careful literal translation with notes and an essay that emphasizes characterization." - OBO

Sophocles. 2007. Four tragedies/Sophocles. Translated by Peter Meineck and Paul Woodruff. Hackett.  Includes Philoctetes, Ajax, Electra, and Women of Trachis "...aimed at the stage as well as the classroom." - OBO