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HIST 118: Introduction to the History of Science (HC)

History 118: Introduction to the History of Science (Hayton) Spring 2016


Journal articles and other periodical publications provide scholarly information on specific aspects of history and the history of science. 1) Because scholarly articles are peer reviewed, they are more authoritative than magazine articles.

2) Since articles are published on a shorter schedule than books, they can be more-up-to-date. 

The following indexes are the best ways for you to identify journal articles:

Literature Reviews

Literature reviews are a particularly useful resource when doing research.  They address the issues involved in a particular question and the debates among scholars.  They map out the intellectual terrain succinctly and give you the major landmarks in terms of key authors and significant titles for greater understanding. 

Indexes for Specific Subjects

There are also indexes devoted to literary history, philosophy and art history that may be of use for specific topics:

Recent Journals for Browsing

Watch for these authoritative journal titles when you are searching indexes and scanning footnotes.  You can also browse the latest issues online or in paper because it takes some time for indexes to add newly published articles: