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RELG 215: The Letters of Paul (HC)

Religion 215: The Letters of Paul (McGuire) Spring 2016


Some of you may choose to write an exegetical research paper. Pay close attention to the research tools of New Testament scholarship. Many of the resources listed below are in the reference section, and some of them are online. Your first step is to take a look at an Interlinear Bible as this includes translations (often multiple) and the original Greek, but are ordered line by line. Thus,  you can find a relevant passage and move from there. Use dictionaries and lexicons (includes expressions) as well as concordances to find more information about the original Greek word, the varying English translations, and other locations within the New Testament. Online interlinear Bibles can be a useful tool for this kind of research because with the click of a mouse, you can find valuable information about a given term. 

**Please be aware of the English translation you are using. Be sure to look at multiple translations of a term. It is important to be careful to note who the authors or publishers of a website are, as well as any monograph. The following book includes the Greek text as well as SEVEN English translations. 

Dictionaries and Lexicons

Interlinear Bible and exegesis