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ANTH 103: Introduction to Anthropology (HC)

Anthropology 103: Introduction to Anthropology (Noonan-Ngwane) Fall 2018

Finding Books

Use TRIPOD BOOKS AND MORE  to find books, journals (but not articles within them), and videos owned by the Tri-College libraries.

Use WorldCat to find books not held by the Tri-College libraries.

In order to find books in either catalog, search for topics in the following ways:

       Keyword Search:

E.g.,    (race OR racism)  (anthropolog* OR ethnograph* OR ethnolog*)   [Use the asterisk to get root words with different endings- gender and gendered.  Use capitals for OR to build subject groups]

             "savage slot"    [Put phrases in quotation marks to get results only with the words together]

(See the Search Tips tab for more information on how to construct keyword searches.)


 Subject Search:

E.g.,    "Race Social aspects"

            philosophical anthropology 

           Urban anthropology Fieldwork   (sorted by newest publications first)

           (Use the Browse Books & More link to find additional subject headings.)

Search Tripod

Using Catalogs