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Citing Sources in LyX

How to build a bibiography and insert citations using LyX

Importing BibTeX Database

Import your references into LyX using the BibTeX Format

BibTeX  is the bibliographic database containing all the references integrated into LaTeX. LyX, as a frontend to LaTeX works with BibTeX quite easily.

Here are the essential things to know about BibTeX:

  • The most important step is to make sure your references are in the BibTeX format when you export your results from a database such as MathSciNet, or Google Scholar.
  • BibTeX files have a file extension of .bib, but they are just text files that can be edited if necessary.
  • When you have a long list of references, it is preferable to import them as a BibTeX file to avoid transcription errors.
  • When you import BibTeX references, you can format them in a number of formats built into LyX.


How to import your references in a .bib file

  1. Run your search, and export your marked results in BibTeX format.

  2. In LyX, Insert --> List/TOC --> Bibliography
  3. Browse for the .bib file and click Add.
  4. In the same window, under Style, choose the style required by your professor or the journal you are submitting to
  5. In the Content section, choose from the dropdown to select all references or only those that are cited.
  6. Find the locations for which the in-text citations shall appear, Insert --> Citations.
  7. Select the matching references for each citation
  8. View your finished paper. Document --> PDF (LaTeX)