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Digital Scholarship Fellows LibGuide: Unit 5

A place where you can learn more about concepts discussed in class!

Resources for Design & Media

Photoshop mini tutorials for editing images

Beginning Steps:

1. Open Photoshop CS6

2. grab some QMH images from the LibGuide Unit 5

Make a color overlay on certain element in an image

1. click the page icon on the layers palette at the right of the screen

2. Use the polygonal lasso tool (3rd icon on left-side toolbar, will create blinking selection after you have used it) to select the part of the image that you want

3.  Click on ‘refine edge’ at middle top of screen

4. Make sure this is being done on a new layer

5. Select gradient tool (on Paint Bucket Tool)

6. The two colors you have selected in the swatches on the left-side toolbar will form the gradient

7. At the top toolbar you can select the type, color and way the gradient fades (play around with it until you get what you want remember you can always undo i.e. ‘control z.’).

8.  Drag and click downwards to set the opacity

How to crop

1. Select crop tool fifth tool don on left-hand side toolbar

2. Extend arrows until you select what you want double-click to actually crop image or press enter

Rotate or Skew image

1. Link layers before transforming image

2. Ctrl to select layers and then click linking icon in layer palette

3.  Click on Edit-->Transform (you can rotate or skew the image)

Blending two images together using a gradient

1. Get two images on separate layer on your file

2. put a layer mask on the top layer (looks like a flag with a circle in it)

3. fill layer mask to be black with paint bucket

4. select gradient black to white-- make sure you click and select layer mask


Basic Image Adjustments

Image--> Adjustments -->Brightness/Contrast

Filter--> Pick and try out the many different filters


If you have any additional questions about Photoshop, how to create a certain graphic please be sure to ask me. 


QMH Images