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HIST 067: South American "Dirty Wars" and US Involvement (SC)

History 067 - Digging Through the National Security Archive: South American "Dirty Wars" and the United States Involvement (Diego Armus) Fall 2018

In-Class, 09/18/18

Carmen Rodríguez
- Date of the kidnapping: 12/22/1977
- Spent time in “Club Atlético” and El Banco”, two clandestine detention centers.
- Primary school teacher
- Member of Montoneros
Relatives presented her case when the Human Rights Commission of the Organization of American States visited Argentina in 1978.
Relatives presented a denunciation of the kidnapping to the US embassy in Buenos Aires on the last days of 1977 and first months of 1978
A researcher at the Mount Sinai Hospital in NY under the name of Lito Gurpide asked his local representative to find out about Carmen Rodriguez. Local representative contacted the US embassy in Buenos Aires. Apparently the answer was vague, contributing nothing about teacher's whereabouts. 
Dora Salas –another kidnapped who survived- saw Rodriguez in the detention center of "Club Atlético". Since 1977 Rodriguez is missing.

Azucena Villaflor (founder of Mothers of Plaza de Mayo). The EAAF (a Forensic anthropology group) found her remains in 2003.

Silvia Labayru

Henry Kissinger
Cesar Augusto Guzzetti (foreign minister of the dictatorship)