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Disability Studies

A research guide to databases, books, journals, datasets, and other useful sources related to the interdisciplinary pursuit of Disability Studies.

Tips for Searching Part 1

Subject Headings allow you to find relevant material grouped together including titles that do not use the keywords you may have been searching.


Finding subject headings

Look at a book record in Tripod, check the subjects assigned to it, and choose whatever ones are relevant for your research.

Example:  Disability Culture and Community Performance by Petra Kuppers (2011).


            People with disabilities and the performing arts

            Performing arts Social aspects

            Artists with disabilities

            Subject search Artists with disabilities=11 results


Refining subject searches

You can combine different concepts into a single subject search for precision.  The results are more focused than a keyword search.

But all the words have to be terminology used in library subject cataloging.

To ensure this, you can use subject headings you have already found.  Another option is to browse in the subject headings for more choices.                   

      Combination subject search:

      "Artists with disabilities" OR "Artists with mental disabilities"=25 results