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HIST 043: Antislavery in America (SC): Home

History 043: Antislavery in America - Bruce Dorsey - Spring 2015

How to find sources listed on the Antislavery Bibliography (in Moodle)

In the bibliographies posted on Moodle, Professor Dorsey has provided citations for a wealth of primary and secondary sources useful for research in this course. Here's how to obtain those sources, in print form or online.

Where should I search for these sources?
Tripod, HathiTrust, and Internet Archive are your best bets. The TriCo Libraries have many primary and secondary sources in print and online. HathiTrust and Internet Archive offer digitized (photographed or scanned) versions of texts, generally written or published before 1923 (meaning that they are in the public domain in the US).

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How can I search effectively? 

• Be careful when copying-and-pasting titles from the bibliography. Sometimes extra spaces are added and the search doesn't work. (example)

• Avoid searching for long titles in full. Try just the first few words. (same example as above, but this search worked - note the search terms used)

• If there are too many irrelevant results, enclose the first few words of the title in double quotes and search. (example)

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