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HLTH 218: Experiencing and Responding to Illness and Disability: 1793-1930 (HC) [Spring 2015]

Health Studies 218 (Taylor)

Major Image Collections for U.S. History

Images as Primary Sources

Eakins, Thomas, The Agnew Clinic, 1889 (Wikimedia Commons)

Images as primary Sources

                        Anatomy lesson at the Woman's College of New York Medical Infirmary, 1870  (Wikimedia Commons)

Book Using Images to Understand the History of American Medicine

Finding Primary Source Texts

Primary source texts that have been edited, reprinted in facsimiles, or transferred to microfilm can be borrowed through E Z Borrow or interlibrary loan if they are not in Tripod. 

Many of them will be listed in Tripod and WorldCat under subject terms which include such words as "sources," "letters," "diaries," or "personal narratives."  For example, the search  (medicine OR medical)  ("personal narratives") ("united states") history   produces results including:


      The Wounded River: The Civil War Letters of John Vance Lauderdale, M.D. / 
Author:John Vance Lauderdale   Publication: Michigan State University Press, 1993

      A Woman Doctor's Civil War: Esther Hill Hawk's Diary / 
Author: Edsther Hill Hawk.     
Publication: : University of South Carolina Press,1984

Literature and Art as Primary Sources

The New York University School of Medicine has created a database of literature and the arts with references to medical conditions.  This material gives you a first-person point of view of illness and medical treatment.