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HIST 400: Senior Thesis Seminar (HC) 2018-19

History 400: Senior Thesis Seminar (Graham, Kitroeff and Saler) Fall 2018 and Spring 2019

Sources in Modern Editions

Those that have been edited, reprinted in facsimiles, or transferred to microfilm can be borrowed through E Z Borrow or interlibrary loan if they are not in Tripod.  Many of them will be listed in WorldCat under subject terms which include such words as "sources," "letters," "diaries," or "personal narratives."  For example, the search  china history sources   produces results including:

The search for modern China: a documentary collection.  Edited by Janet Y. Chen et al.  W.E. Norton, 2013.

This collection of primary source documents—many translated into English for the first time and available only in this book—gather proclamations, treaties, laws, and other public acts with pieces reflecting everyday life, family, social networks, and culture.  Informative headnotes accompany the selections, this collection provides a first-hand look at modern Chinese history.


Historic Newspapers

Newspapers shed light on events, public opinion, and social mores.  Some titles are available through Tripod including:
          New York Times on the Web
          America's Historical Newspapers
For a fuller list of titles in Tripod, see the page Historical Newspapers & Periodicals

The London Times often serves as a newspaper of record for historical events:
Times Digital Archive (London)  (BMC and Swarthmore)
Palmer's Index to the Times Newspaper, 1790-1905
The newspaper is available online at Bryn Mawr and Swarthmore libraries.  Palmer's Index (and later indexes) in print can help when searching by topic.  It also is at Bryn Mawr's library.  

This guide United States: Historical Newspapers from Utica College provides State by State lists of available online newspapers.

For newspapers not in Tripod, use WorldCat as your guide.  Search by subject as well as title:   chinese newspapers Limited to Years 1880-1920
Look for the icon Microfilm.  You will be able to borrow specific years on interlibrary loan.