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HIST 400: Senior Thesis Seminar (HC) 2017-18

History 400: Senior Thesis Seminar (Hayton, Kitroeff and Krippner) Fall 2016 and Spring 2017

Senior Theses

History theses written in previous years are available in two formats: online and in print.  The first link below takes you to online copies when the student authors have given the library permission to make their work available digitally, either to Haverford or to the general public.
History Theses Online  (286 titles)

The link below represents all History thesis titles and formats. Those that are in paper only can be requested in Magill for use in the building.  Note that there is a fair amount of duplication between paper and digital copies in the last ten years.
History Theses in Paper and Online  (528 titles)

A Haverford Student's View of Historians


                  Maxfield Parrish, The Historian (Special Collection, Haverford College)