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HIST 400: Senior Thesis Seminar (HC) 2020-21

History 400: Senior Thesis Seminar (Friedman, Kitroeff and Krippner) Fall 2020 and Spring 2021

Archives to be Interpreted

Records from the Guatemalan National Police archives.  The University of Texas is in the process of digitizing them.

Taking Account of Historiography

Oxfrod Bibliographies

This series provides extensive annotated bibliographies on specific topics in many different fields. They are written by scholars with the aim of introducing students to important issues and key authors. The different subject sections are all under development with new essays added twice a year. Subject sections available to students on the Haverford campus are:

African Studies  ;  African American Studies  ;  American Literature  ; Anthropology   

Art History  ;  Atlantic History  ;  Biblical Studies  ; Buddhism

Chinese Studies  ;  Cinema and Media Studies  ;  Classics  ; Ecology; 

Education  ;  Environmental Science  ;  Hinduism  ; International Relations  

Islamic Studies  ;  Jewish Studies  ;  Latin American Studies  ; Latino Studies

Linguistics  ;  Literary and Critical Theory  ;  Music  ;  Philosophy  ;

Political Science  ;  Public Health  ;  Renaissance and Reformation  ;  Sociology