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ENGL 389: England's Lost Paradise (HC)

English 389: England's Lost Paradise: Political Pastoral in the Works of Milton and Marvell (Riebling) Fall 2014

Getting Access to ARTStor

The gallery of images are in a folder title "HC Riebling ENGL 389" in a image database called ARTStor.

To get access to ARTStor, click on the relevant icon—H (Haverford), B (Bryn Mawr), or S (Swarthmore)—below.

Registering for an Account

If you have not used ARTStor before, you will first need to register for an account.  Do so by clicking on the "register" link in the upper-righthand corner of the screen.  Once you have registered—or if you have already registered—you can log in directly.

Unlocking the English 389 Folder

Once you have logged in, you must first unlock the English 389 folder in order to see the images.  To do so, scroll over the "Find" menu and select "Unlock Password-Protected Folder."  You will then enter the password that Professor Riebling has provided to you.  If you do not remember the password, please use this link (from Haverford) to recover it.  (Use your regular email username and password to log in.)  Use the following links if you are at Bryn Mawr or Swarthmore, respectively.

Opening the English 389 Folder

Once you have unlocked the folder, you can then go into "My folders & image groups" from the ARTStor homepage.

After clicking on that link, a pop-up window with a list of local folders should appear.  "HC Riebling ENGL 389" should appear at the top of the list of institutional folders.  (You might have to scroll up to find it.)

Open the folder to see a list of subfolders organized by topic.