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HIST 114: Origins of the Global South (HC)

History 114: Origins of the Global South (Krippner) Fall 2017

Literature Reviews

  • In a literature review the author writes an overview of a topic from the point of view of the research that has been done.  The author analyzes the arguments in individual books and journal articles to build a narrative about the themes that have been articulated, areas which need further investigation, and questions which do not yet have a consensus among scholars.
  • For your project, a literature review can give you a headstart on understanding your topic in much greater depth.  It also point out books and journal articles which are the most relevant and of the highest quality.
  • See the resources below for literature reviews in specific academic disciplines.

Identifying Relevant Books

Finding Relevant Books

The following searches are a sampling of possibilities. To find materials on a topic, try doing a keyword search in the Tripod Catalog to find relevant materials and then using the subject headings assigned to those titles to find more material.


Books from the searches above included these titles: