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HIST 076: Women's Work in Premodern China (SC): Primary Sources Online

History 076: Women's Work in Premodern China (Chen) - Fall 2013

Large Collections and Directories of Online Primary Sources

These links point to websites that allow for searching across the collections of many different libraries at once. Some (e.g. Internet Archive) also include content that has been submitted by users.

Finding Primary Sources Online: Chinese and East Asia

Finding Images and Art

Evaluating Websites

It's tempting to start your primary source research using Google, and you might find some great sources that way. However, when you're looking at websites, ask yourself the following questions to evaluate the source(s) you're considering.

  • Is the author of the website clearly identified? (If not, that's a red flag.) Are they an academic historian? Is the website maintained by a historical society, library, or other institution?  What information can you find about this person, organization, or institution?

  • Take a careful look at the text of the website. Keep an eye out for typos, terminology that has been used incorrectly, and other inaccuracies. On the other hand, remember that a well-designed and well-written site isn't necessarily trustworthy.

  • Consider using the Wayback Machine to view screenshots of this website over the past few years.

  • If you find an interesting and relevant document (e.g. an image of a poster, a digitized version of a book) on a website that seems unreliable overall, try to seek out the document from another source. Feel free to ask Sarah, the librarian for this course, for help. (selichk1@swat)