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HIST 076: Women's Work in Premodern China (SC): Overviews

History 076: Women's Work in Premodern China (Chen) - Fall 2013

Why use reference books?

Use the index (or search) these books to identify entries related to your topic or areas of interest. You might not find entries that narrowly focus on your topic; if so, try to find entries that relate broadly.

Use reference books to:

  • Contextualize your topic (and get background information)
  • Find search terms (for use in databases and primary source collections)
  • Identify which aspects of a topic interest you
  • Get citations for relevant books, articles, and primary source collections
  • Identify which scholars have written about the topic
  • Identify areas of debate and disagreement in the scholarly literature

Overviews of Historiography

Historians have interpreted various aspects of Pre-Modern Chinese history from a variety of different viewpoints.  Analysis of these interpretations, known generally as historiography, can give more nuance to your arguments and provide a greater context for your understanding. By using sources like History Compass, The Cambridge History of China, and Chinese History (Wilkinson), you can get an introduction to this scholarly conversation.

Handbooks and Companions to Chinese History