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HIST 065: Cities of (Im)migrants (SC): Find Scholarly Articles & Book Reviews

History 065: Cities of (Im)migrants: Buenos Aires, Lima, Miami, New York (Armus) Fall 2016

Searching Tripod

Use the dropdown menu to search by keyword, subject, author, title, or ISSN number:

Use the filters on the right-hand side of the results page to refine your results by:

  • Full-text or peer-reviewed articles
  • Resource type
  • Specific authors/creators
  • Specific topics (subject headings)
  • Journal titles
  • Date range
  • Other delimiters

Filters can be removed by clicking on the gold box under "Remove Filters" at the top of the column.

Tripod Articles is quite extensive, but not comprehensive. Searching in smaller and subject-specific databases can often yield a more manageable and pertinent set of results.

Start here to find articles:

These two databases are important for finding scholarly articles written by historians.  If you are focusing on a US topic, start with America, History and Life. If you are focusing on a non-US topic, start with Historical Abstracts.

Particularly if you're writing about Central or South America, though, it's worth checking both databases. For example, you can find some scholarly articles discussing Eastern European Jews in Argentina by searching America, History and Life, even though that database focuses on US and Canadian history articles.

In either database, try the "Historical Period From" feature to limit your search results to the years that you are interested in researching.

Here's an easy way to get started using America, History and Life: click on this link (on-campus only) to browse academic (history) journal articles

be forwarned there are over 2,000. But you can use the limits on the left side of the screen to narrow down your options. For example, view recently published articles or click on "Subject" and then "More" to see some of the smoking-related topics that historians have written about.

More Resources for Scholarly Articles