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LING 215: The Structure of Colonial Valley Zapotec (HC): Writing & Paleography

Linguistics 215: The Structure of Colonial Valley Zapotec (Lillehaugen) Fall 2013

Colonial Spanish & Zapotec Writing

General Histories of Writing

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Finding Additional Resources: Books

Use TRIPOD to find books and other material owned by the Tri-College libraries.

Use WorldCat to find books not held by the Tri-College libraries.

In order to find books in either catalog, conduct either a relevant:

Keyword Search:

E.g.,   spanish AND abbreviation*

          zapotec AND (paleograph* OR writing OR abbreviation*)

(See the Search Tips tab for more information on how to construct keyword searches.)

Or Subject Search:

E.g.,   Zapotec Language—Writing

           Zapotec language—History

           Paleography, Spanish

         (Use the Browse Books & More link to find additional subject headings.)