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Studio Arts After Graduation (Tri-Co): MFA Programs

Getting Started

  • Choose the program that is right for you.
  • Go to the open house.
  • Talk to current students and alums
  • Keep in mind the application deadline, which usually isduring winter

The Application Process

Be sure you fully understand and follow the application guidelines and include all the materials requested in the correct format(s).  Below is a list of materials typically requested with your application:

  • Images:  Your images are the most important part of your application.  Make sure your work is well photographed. Hire a professional if necessary and team up with friends who need their work documented to save money.
  • Image List:  An image list typically includes the following information: your name, title of work,date, medium, dimensions.
  • Artist Statement: Continue to update and rework your statement.  It is important that your statement directly relates to the images you submit.
  • CV:  The CV should include your contact information including your website, education, exhibition history, grants and awards, a bibliography of reviews and where your work has been published. You can also include collections, commissions, and current gallery representation.
  • Recommendations:  It is important to contact anybody you want to ask for a recommendation early in the process.  Make sure to provide enough time.  Be organized.  Make sure to send a complete package to your recommender that includes all form properly filled out, addressed and stamped envelopes, and a list with all the programs you are asking a recommendation for and the deadlines.

CAA guide to MFA programs