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Finding and (Re)Using Digital Images and Media

Images Licensed for Reuse

One of the main issues with reusing digital media is determining who the creator is and whether/if the creator has allowed content to be reused. Fortunately, there are several excellent, freely-available resources for finding images whose creators encourage reuse.

Stock Images


Flickr is a public photo-sharing site with billions of images. It is a rich resource to find images for your research (news events, places, people, etc.). Flickr users can opt to share their images with others under creative commons licenses (alternative to copyright).

U.S. Government Images

Search Google Images and limit to .gov

Tip! Images produced by the federal government are in the public domain. You can use them without seeking permission. To be certain, check image rights statements.

White Angel BreadlineSearch Example: "dorothea lange"

"White Angel Breadline" by Dorothea Lange. Source: The National Archives (








Search example: mars

Victoria Crater at Meridiani Planum. NASA/JPL/UA. Other NASA images