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MUSC 106: Winds of Pleasure: Hildegard of Bingen (SC)

Music 106: Winds of Pleasure: Hildegard of Bingen in Context and Revival (J. Blasina) Spring 2017

Not sure where to start? The bibliographies linked below provide a brief introduction to Hildegard's life & music as well as the scholarly literature. The Meconi bibliography in particular highlights excellent starting points for research:

Readers needing an article-length introduction to Hildegard’s music have many choices. Bent and Pfau 2010 and McGrade 2002 provide ready summaries in English and German, respectively. Ritscher 1967 presents the traditional and still-influential reading of her compositions. Pfau 1996a and Pfau 1998 are informed by the author’s important analytical researches, the former using the lens of a single composition and the latter spreading a broader net. Pfau 1996b provides a short English-language introduction to Hildegard and her music. The author of Fassler 1998, coming to Hildegard after extensive work in other areas of medieval music, uses that expertise to ground Hildegard contextually. Kreutziger-Herr 1998 confronts the assumptions on which much work has been based.

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