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RELG 108: Vocabularies of Islam (HC): Qur'an

Religion 108: Vocabularies of Islam (Velji) Spring 2014


Here you can use the Arberry translation or (on the Tabs) select the Haleem translation or view them side by side and also search for a particular chapter and verse.  The Haleem translation provides notes on the text.

This site allows you to search eight different translations.   Click on the sura you want.  Change translations in the pull down field by WORK.


Concordances / Topical Indexes

A concordance allows you to find everytime a particular word is used in the Qur'an.

To find where all the instances where a word appears in the Arberry and/or the Haleem English translations search here. Your search term is highlighted in the passage in which it appears.

This database allows you to type in your search term and it will display the passages in which that term is found as well as the Arabic original on the opposing page. Note that on the toolbar at the top you can select from different translations and different reciters. To activate the verse by verse recitation click the play icon on the lower left.

This concordance allows you to search by an English word and find the Arabic words from the Qur'an from which that word was translated. This allows you to get back to the orginal Arabic. This is helpful as sometimes one English word has been used to translate a number of Arabic words. This often enables you to discern a more nuanced use of the word. There are four ways of limiting your search. Two of which are "Terms associated with the Divine Name" and "Divine Name and Attributes". This concordance is also available in print form as A Concordance of the Qur'an by Hanna Kassis.

Background Materials

Besides the sources listed below a number of the materials listed on the 'Getting Started' page will be useful to your research.