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Academic Technology Fair (SC)

GIS in Action

GIS in action: volunteers used GIS devices to create this map of hazards after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti   This map offers an example of GIS in action after the major earthquake in Haiti in 2010. Volunteers with Open Street Map used cellphones and other location-aware devices to create this map of collapsed buildings, roadway obstacles, and other possible hazards.  Relief workers and others used the map to assist in navigating the altered landscape.

Simple GIS Tools

Web Mapping

These tools allow the user to upload a spreadsheet of data and create a map.

Spatial Data

The Tri-College Libraries Maps & Geography guide includes the following types of spatial data resources. Swarthmore also licenses some geospatial data for use by members of the College community - ask Doug Willen or Sarah Elichko for assistance accessing that data.

Questions about GIS?

  Sarah Elichko
Social Sciences Librarian
  Megan Heckert
Visiting Assistant Professor of Political Science
  Doug Willen
Academic Technologist for Social Sciences