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E-Books Collections & Readers

About e-Duke Books

The e-Duke Books Scholarly Collection allows for reading, searching, and sharing books published by the Duke University Press, which has an emphasis on the humanities and social sciences. More information is available on the e-Duke Book's "About" page:

All Duke University Press books on this site are fully indexed and discoverable in the major search engines. Any visitor can explore our books, and patrons of purchasing libraries can read any book in their library’s holdings. In addition to hosting the e-Duke Books Scholarly Collection, offers visitors the opportunity to search, browse, and cross-link across all of the Press’s humanities and social science journals and books.

Using e-Duke Books on Your Mac or PC

  1. Click "Read Now" to access the entire book. You can also easily jump to specific chapters via the "Table of Contents" tab below the book description.
  2. Once in the reader view, in the upper right-hand corner, you can search within the book or jump to a specific page. The icons on the left of the screen allow you to zoom in and out, view the table of contents, download a chapter, extract the text (to be copied into a Word document, for example), print (only one page at a time), or share a link to social media.
    screenshot of e-duke book reader

  3. To print more than a single page at a time, you'll have to first download the chapter, which is saved to your computer as a PDF. To download a chapter, you must first navigate to it (using the table of contents, page turner, etc.).
  4. The online e-book reader is also optimized to be read on a portable device (e.g., smartphone, iPad), though navigation within the book may be more cumbersome.