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CITY 229: Colonial & Post-Colonial Reflections (BMC)

CITY 229: Comparative Urbanism: Colonial & Post-Colonial Reflections, Prof. McDonogh, Spring 2024

Locating Books & Journals

Search Tips

Search Tips: Boolean Logic

In the search bar, combine multiple search terms by adding Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) between terms. Make sure the Boolean operators are in all caps. E.g. colonialism AND Algiers will return results where both terms are represented. 

  • Place parentheses around your OR phrases and quotations around multi-term phrases to search for that exact phrase
    • Examples: (urban OR city) AND colonial*
      • (city AND planning) AND (America)
      • America* AND (“urban layout” OR “city planning”)


Advanced Tips

Exact Phrase Searching ("city planning")

Using quotations around a phrase to search the phrase rather than the terms individually

Truncation (*)
e.g. suburb* will find suburbia, suburbanization, suburban

Proximity (NEAR)
e.g. suburban NEAR plan will return suburban plans, plan for a new suburb, zoning plan of suburbs