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HIST 240: History and Principles of Quakerism (HC) Fall 2014

History / Religion 240: History and Principles of Quakerism (Lapsansky) Fall 2014

Selection of Tracts

Audland, Anne Newby, A true declaration of the suffering of the innocent, who is hated and persecuted without a cause….declared in a letter sent to William Allen, called Justice of Peace, London : Printed…by Giles Calvert, 1655.

 Bache, Humphrey, The voice of thunder, or The sound of a trumpet giving a certain sound, saying, Arise ye dead, and come to judgement, London : Printed for Thomas Simons, 1659.

 Bateman, Susanna, I matter not how I appear to man, [n.p., 1656]

 Baxter, Richard, One sheet against the Quakers, London : Printed by Robert White, for Nevil Simmons, 1657.

 Beevan, John, A loving saluatation to all people who have any desires after the living God; but especially to the Free-VVill-Anabaptists, [London : Printed for Thomas Simmons, 1660].

 Bettris, Jane, A lamentation for the deceived people of the world, but in particulary to them of Alesbury, and those small villages round about her, who are carried away captive by her priests and teachers, [London] : Printed for Thomas Simmons, 1657.

 Biddle, Ester, The trumpet of the Lord sounded forth until these three nations, as a warning from the spirit of truth; especially unto thee, oh England, who art looked upon as the seat of justice…Likewise, unto thee, thou great and famous city of London…: With a word of wholesome counsel and advice unto thy King, rulers, judges, bishops and priests…Together with a few words unto the royal seed, London, 1662.

 Blackbury, Sarah, A visit to the spirit in prison; and an invitation to all people to come to Christ…and a warning to all people to take heed how they joine any longer with that which turns them from him, London : Printed for Thomas Simmons, 1658.

 Blaugdone, Barbara, An account of the travels, sufferings & persecutions of Barbara Blaugdone : Given forth as a testimony to the Lord's power, and for the encouragement of Friends, [London] : Printed, and sold by T. S., 1691

 Boulbie, Judith, A testimony for truth against all hireling-priests and deceivers; with a cry to the inhabitants of this nation, to turn to the Lord, before his fearful judgments overtake them. Also a testimony against all observers of times and dayes [London, 1665?].

 Britten, William, Silent meeting : a wonder to the world; yet practiced by the aposltes, and owned by the people of God, scornfully called Quakers, London : Printed for Robert Wilson, 1660.

 Clapham, Jonathan, A full discovery and confutation of the wicked and damnable doctrines of the Quakers : As also, a plain vindication and confirmation of sundry fundamental points of the Christian religion, London : Printed by T.R. & E.M. for Adoniram Byfield, 1656.

 Cotten, Priscilla, To the priests and people of England, we discharge our consciences, and give them warning, [London : Printed for Giles Calvert, 1655].

 Curtis, Samuel, The lamentable sufferings of the church of God in Dorset-shire, London : Printed for Thomas Simmons, 1659.

 Curwen, Thomas, This is an answer to John Wiggan's book, spread up and down in Lancashire, Cheshire and Wales, who is a Baptists & a monarcy-man…From the prisoners at Lancaster…Thomas Curwe, William Houlden, Henery Wood, William Wilson : Also here is an answer to his appendix annexed to the book by Margaret Fell, London, 1665.

 Elias, John, A true and strange relation of the travels, adventures and great persecution of four eminent Quakers who in the yearl 1680, traveled through France, Italy, and Turkey, to promote their religion…, West-Smithfield : Printed for J. Clarke, 1681.

 Evans, Katharine, A brief discovery of God’s eternal truth…written in the Inquisition of Malta, London : Printed for R. Wilson, 1663.

 Falkner, Robert, A voice out of Sion : unto all the inhabitants of the earth: with a few words of the dealings of God in love with England, whose visitation in mercy draws near to an end, London, Printed in the year, 1663.

 Farnworth, Richard, The general-good to all people : or, The Lord’s free love running forth freely to his own people in these latter days…, London : Printed for Giles Calvert, 1653.

 Farnworth, Richard, A vvoman forbidden to speak in the church, the grounds examined, the mystery openeded, the truth cleared, and the ignorance both of priests and people discovered, London : Printed for Giles Calvert, 1654.

Fell, Christopher, A few words to the people of England : who have had a day of visitatin, not to slight time but to prize it, least ye perish, [London?, 1655].

 Fell, Lydia, A testimony and warning given forth in love of truth, and is for the governour, magistrates & people inhabiting on the island of Barbadoes, [London?, 1676]

 Fell, Margaret, The daughter of Sion avvakened : and putting on strengnth : she is arising, and shaking her self out of the dust, and putting on her beautiful garments, London, 1677,

 Fell, Margaret, Womens speaking justified, proved and allowed of by the Scriptures, all such as speak by the spirit and power of the Lord Jesus, London : 1666.

 Firmin, Giles, Stablishing against shaking: or, A discovery of the Prince of Darknesse (scarcely) transformed into an angel of light, powerfully now working in the deluded people called, Quakers : With a sober answer to their railings against ministers for receiving maintenance from their people. Being the substance of one sermon preached Feb. 17. 1655, at Shalford in Essex, London : Printed by J.G. for Nathanael Webb and William Grantham, 1656.

 Fletcher, Elizabeth, A few words in season to all the inhabitants of the earth : being a call unto them to leave off their wickedness, and to turn to the Lord before it be too late, London : Robert Wilson, 1660.

 Fox, George, Honest, plain, down-right dealing with people called Episcopal-men & Presbyterinas, London : Printed for Robert Wilson, 1660.

 Fox, George, Friends : the matter concerning not putting off the hat at praier, [n.p.] [n.d.].

 Fuce, Joseph, A special vvarrant given forth (from the Spirit of God. (Who is Lord over all lords and King above all kings) against the spirit of envy and persecution, London, 1663.

 Gargill, Anne, A brief discovery of that which is called the Popish religion with a word to the Inquisition discovering their seat of injustice and cruelty…Given forth by me who am called of the world, London :  Printed for Giles Calvert, 1656.

 Gilman, Anne, An epistle to Friends: being a tender salutation to the faithful in God every Where. Also, A letter to Charles, king of England, etc., London, 1662.

 Helling, Joseph, A salutation from the breathings of the life, to the faithful in the kingdome and patience of Jesus Christ, London : Printed for Robert Wilson, [1661].

 Hodden, Richard, The one good way of God : contrary to the many different ways of mens making. With loving warnings, exhortations & cautions, to all sorts of menn concerning their souls, and to be a peace amongst themselves, London : Printed by J. C. and are to be sold by Richard Moon, Bristol 1661.

 Holder, Anthony, A discovery of two unclean spirits : Or, two priests by their fruits made manifest to be out of the way of truth, London : Printed for Giles Calvert, 1657

 Lucas, Nicholas, fl. 1658-1676, A true and impartial narration of the remarkable providences of the living God of heaven and earth, appearing for us his oppressed servants called, Quakers, Niolaus Lucas, Henry Marshall, Jermiah Hearn, John blendall, Francis Pryor, Samuel Trahern, and Henry Feast, who most unrighteously were at Hertford sentenced to be transported beyond the seas… : And also may serve for an utter refutation of a lying paper published under the hand of Edward Maning, [London, 1664].

 Naylor, James, All vain janglers, imitators and licentious persons shut out of the Scriptures, who are not guided by the same spirit that gave them forth, [London, 1654?]

 Naylor, James, The boaster bared, and his armour put off, withoug a conquest by the quaking principle : In an answer to Enoch Howets, called Quaking principles dasht in pieces, London : Printed for Giles Calvert, 1655.

 Penington, Isaac, A touchstone or tryall of faith, by the original from whence it springs, and the root out of which it grows, London : Printed for Giles Calvert, 1648.

 Prynne, William, The Quakers unmasked, and clearly detected to be but the spawn of Romish frogs, Jesuites, and Franciscan freers (!) : sent from Rome to seduce the intoxicated giddy-headed English nation, London : Printed for Edward Thomas, 1655.

 Niesen, Geertruyd Deriks, An epistle to be communicated to Friends & to be read in the fear of the Lord in their men and womens meetings, and other meetings; only among Friends, as they in the wisdom of God shall see meet and serviceable, [n.p., 1677].

 The Qvakers dream: or, The devil's pilgrimage in England : being an infallible relation of their several meetings, shreekings ... With a n[a]rrative of their several arguments, tenets ... The strange and wonderful satanical apparitions, London : Printed for G. Horton, 1655.

 Salt, William, The Light, the way, that children ought to be trained up in : wherein the holy men of God walked, London : Printed for Robert Wilson, 1660.

 Simmonds, Martha, A lamentation for the lost sheep of the house of Israel: with an invitation to have them turne in their minds to the true shepheard of their souls. Also, something in the discovery of the nakednesse of all professins who are found in the words without the life and power, London : Printed for Giles Calvert, 1655.

 Townsend, Theophilia, An epistle of love to Friends in the Womans Meetings in London, &c : to be read among them in the fear of God, London, 1680.

 [Travers Rebecca, Sarah Ellis, Ann Marting, Joan Witrowe] The work of God in a dying maid: being a short account of the dealings of the Lord with one Susanna Whitrow, about the age of fifteen years, and daughter of Robert Whitrow….together with her experimental confessions to the power and work of the Lord God, both in his judgments and mercy to her soul, London : 1677.

  Vokins, Joan, God's mighty power magnified as manifested and revealed in his faithful handmaid Joan vokins…: Also some account of her exercises, works of faith, labour of love, and great travels in the work of the ministry, London : Printed for Thomas Northcott, 1691.

 White, Dororthy, A lamentation Unto this nation; And also, A vvarning To all People of this present Age and Generation: with the Voyce of Thunder, sounded forth from the Throne of the Lord God, London : Printed for Robert Wilson, 1660.

 Zins-Pennick, Judith, Some worthy proverbs left behind by Judith Zins-Pennick, to be read in the congregation of the saints, London : Printed for William Warwick, 1663.