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HIST 228: The French Revolution (HC)

History 228: The French Revolution (Graham) Spring 2024

The Revolution Triumphant

  Jean-Jacques Taillasson, Liberty bringing back Justice and Virtue to the people, circa 1794-95, Musée de la Révolution française

(Source: Wikimedia Commons, public domain)


This guide focuses on the topics in your course and outlines research strategies and resources for your final project.  Use the searches and linked examples as jumping off points for exploration.

The Background Information page will help in developing your research questions and understanding the broader context for your particular interest. 

Recommended Reading:  The sections within Topics of Interest list TriCollege books that Professor Graham recommends for specific topics. 

The Scholarly Books page provides search examples from Tripod.  Journal Articles will give you access to scholarly articles for cultural and historical analyses.  

Primary Sources can provide more direct information from the relevant historical time period.  Using Visual Sources that relate to your project can often prompt ideas about the means of production, intended audience, and associated social and cultural meanings.