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HIST 228: The French Revolution (HC)

History 228: The French Revolution (Graham) Spring 2024

Materials in Quaker & Special Collections

Online Source Collections

There are some online collections available for early modern printed texts.  They reproduce every page in a book and are searchable by word and phrase.

Sources in Printed Form

Some texts from the era of the French Revolution have been edited and published.  Notable titles available in print include:

Source Anthologies

Collections of primary texts in anthologies can be good for browsing. They touch on many different issues, often excerpting brief passages from full works that you can find in the tricolleges or through interlibrary loan.

Editions of sources not available in the tricolleges can be requested through interlibrary loan (See the links on this guide's first page). Use  subject terms including "sources" or "correspondence" to locate additional primary texts in Tripod and in WorldCat.

For example, the subject search france revolution 1789-1799 AND (sources OR correspondence)  Connect from Bryn Mawr College   Icon  Icon  produces results including:

        The Impact of the French Revolution: Texts from Britain in the 1790s. Cambridge University Press, 2005     Connect from Bryn Mawr College   Icon  Icon                       

        The French Revolution  and Human Rights : A Brief History with Documents  Bedford, 2016  Connect from Bryn Mawr College   Icon  Icon 

Primary Sources in French

Primary Sources in English

Primary sources, accounts and other kinds of documents written at the time of an event or era, allow a nuanced and detailed understanding of historical issues.  Sources can take many different forms.