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POLS 055: Ethics and International Relations (SC)

Political Science 55: Ethics and International Relations - Paddon-Rhoads - Spring 2023

Find Citing Articles & Books

You can look up which articles and books have cited a given work. This can help you identify how well-known a given work is. It can also point you to more recent scholarship on the same topic. This more recent scholarship may critique or build on the original work.

How to find citing articles and books using Google Scholar:

  1. Search for the original article or book in Google Scholar. (example: Seeing Like a State)
  2. Look below the title and summary, and click on the "Cited by" number.
    screenshot of google scholar results
  3. Now you're looking through a list of articles and books that cite the original.
  4. To search within these citing works, check the box and search. (example: works about dependency theory which cite Seeing Like a State)

Book Reviews

Scholars publish reviews of academic books. Book reviews typically summarize the main argument, assess the quality of the work, and sometimes mention works on closely related topics.

How to find reviews of a book:

  1. Search for the book in Tripod.  (for example: Seeing Like a State)
  2. Limit your results by Resource Type to Reviews (results limited to reviews)
  3. You'll see reviews published in different journals (e.g. Political Theory, Journal of Social History). Follow links in Tripod to read.

screenshot of Tripod search