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ANTH 276: Global Media ( HC )

Getting Started

Before you begin to search Tripod for the book for your book review, do some brainstorming! Think about what you've read for this course or other courses that is a specific focus within the field of deviance studies. What sounds interesting?

If you want to browse the shelves, you can always go to the shelves in Lutnick - GN is Anthropology, many books about Media will be in the JK section.

You can also use the handbooks and Bibliographies to start your search:

Developing a Search Question

Using the Catalog

When you search Tripod, 

  • Set the search for "Books and Media" so that you aren't overwhelmed by article results, use "Resource Type" to limit to only books (which will include print and electronic books)
  • Begin by searching for Anthropology and Your Topic as keywords, for example: "Race AND Media"
  • Use the Date option on the left-side filters to limit to books published in the last 5 years 
  • Use the author information and the abstract to try to determine the author's discipline, since the book should be written by a social scientist (which may include sociology, anthropology, criminology)

Remember, you can request books from Bryn Mawr and Swarthmore! They should arrive within 1 day. You'll need to log in to Tripod to request.

If there is a specific title that you are interested in that is not available from any TriCo school, you can request it through EZBorrow or Interlibrary Loan, which may take longer.